Repairs are BOOMING!

Before pictures of this Ultimate Realty business van. There will be a complete transformation on the right side of the vehicle! 🙂 Advertisements

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the owner of F&S Collision, Mr. Chris Fetter! We hope you have a fantastic day! 🙂  

This 2012 Jeep Liberty is almost complete! Stay tuned for a photo after it is finished! Check out our Facebook page for more exciting vehicle transformations! 🙂


Here is a current project here at F&S Collision! Give us a call today at (636)-462-3704 to schedule an estimate appointment so that we can get your vehicle into our shop and repaired with the fastest turnaround time in time! 🙂

Windshield Wipers= Headlights

If your windshield wipers are on, be sure to have your headlights on as well. Visibility is reduced when it’s raining so it is harder to see oncoming traffic. Having your headlights on is a safety precautions. Drive safe! 🙂