Hail Damage

Spring is a beautiful time of year. Nature returns to it’s vibrant colors, and the temperature always seems to be just right. Although, one thing that comes with spring is odd and spontaneous weather. Here at F&S, we understand that. We’ll repair your hail damage so you can get back on the road with a…

Ready For Summer?

Ready for summer? We sure are! We want to make sure you can get to the pool on those hot days. Come in for a FREE estimate on your vehicle or call us at (636)-462-3704. We’re open Monday-Friday from 8:00-5:00. What’s your favorite part about summer? Respond in the comments below!

The Process

This Hyundai Sonata is in the process of being restored to its pristine form. Our trained technicians are working in an orderly manner to make sure your car is good as new when you pick it up from the shop!

Spring Break

Spring Break is fast approaching and warm weather is frequenting us more often! It will soon be time for windows down in sweltering hot weather! We’re all about this. What are your Spring Break plans?!

Winter Blues

We’re getting a little tired of this up and down weather! We are ready for warm weather and blue skies all day long!!! What about you? Are you naturally a cold-blooded person? Or do you prefer cruising down the highway with the windows down on a sunny day, like us? Let us know!