2016 vs 2017

The common complaint seems to be that 2016 was a real downer for everyone! Is this the case for you? Are you hoping for a brighter 2017? Tell us about all of the Ups and Downs you experienced in 2016!

For 2017, we hope to increase our customer satisfaction and interaction! We currently have 1,017 likes on Facebook; our goal for 2017 is 2,000 likes! We make a strong effort to keep our customers happy and make ourselves easily accessible. Nowadays, that means being a social media and technology master! We’ve expanded our reach to include Twitter, Instagram, and yours truly, WordPress, over the last few years. Should 2017 bring forth a new social media fad, we will find a way to reach our customers through that medium as well!

Tell us about your goals for 2017? Personal? Wellness and Health? Professional? Family life? Relationships? They say you are more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down or tell someone!


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