Tips for Driving in Rain

With the upcoming warm, sunny skies approaching quickly, comes the continuous rainy, dreary weather.  Here are just a few tips to continue to be safe while driving in the rain.

  1. Slow down, leave room!
    1. Don’t be in such a hurry! Arrive alive, not on time.
  2. Hydroplaning!
    1. Stay calm! Panicking will only make it worse, stay calm and in control.
  3. Turn on your lights!
    1. To increase your vision AND to help others spot you.
  4. Avoid Cruise Control!
    1. Cruise control is great in during dry weather, but using it during rainy weather can increase the chance of losing control.
  5. Be cautious! 
    1. Remember, defensive driving is the best driving. Don’t only count on others’ driving skills.

Stay Safe!

F & S Collision


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