Icy Temps are for Icy Tips!

With the the icy weather and winter winds, it’s almost a good idea to stay tuned for any tips and tricks you can use to save time and money. Like us on Facebook to not only save $200 on your repair, but to hear Icy Tips!

Gobble Down These Savings

During the month of November, F&S Collision Repair Center is hosting a Buddy Bags Promotion! Bring any items on the Preferred Food Donation List for a certificate to save big on a future auto repair!

Hail Damage

Spring is a beautiful time of year. Nature returns to it’s vibrant colors, and the temperature always seems to be just right. Although, one thing that comes with spring is odd and spontaneous weather. Here at F&S, we understand that. We’ll repair your hail damage so you can get back on the road with a…

Piecing it Together.

You’ve got problems. Problems aside from the recent damage on your vehicle. You have a life: a family, a job, appointments, plans, and a lot of things that you would probably like have your car for. We understand this at F&S, and we will take care of your automotive problems so you can focus on…

Sleek and Professional.

Every time. A repair in our shop is not complete without a thorough cleaning of the inside and outside of your vehicle. When you get your car back, not only will your vehicle look like it never had an accident, but it will feel like new again!

Happy Holidays from the F&S Office Staff

Happy Holidays from the F&S Collision Repair Office Staff! Watch our video and see what happens “after hours” during the Christmas Season. F&S Office Staff “After Hours” We will see you on Monday, December 28th at 8:00am!

Holiday Hours

F&S will be closed for the holidays starting Wednesday, December 23rd at 11:00am and will reopen at Monday, December 28th at 8:00am. We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and safe travels for the holiday!


If your vehicle needs to be repaired, give us a call at (636)-462-3704 to schedule an appointment! After you receive your estimate, we will schedule you in for repairs! If you have any questions, you can email us at fandscollision@aol.com or call us using the phone number above.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is approaching quickly this year! Do you know what you and your spouse will be doing? If not, there are plenty of ideas on websites! If you don’t have a partner this Valentines Day, don’t get discouraged, your day will come soon! If you have any damage to your vehicle, don’t hesitate to…