Defense, Defense!

The best kind of driver is a defensive driver. You can’t always rely on other driver to be pay attention and minding the rules of the roads. It’s your job to stay on alert anytime you’re driving. The best policy is it’s better to be safe, than to be sorry. So, buckle up!

You’re Safe in Our Hands

When you get into a fender bender, know who you can trust. Here at F&S, you can get a FREE estimate and we guarantee your repairs. You don’t have to worry when you’re in the care of F&S! Just check out this 2013 Ford Edge we repaired!

Ice, Ice Baby!

Take caution when driving on icy roads, not all ice can be easily seen. Black ice is the #1 cause of winter time accidents. Slow down and pay close attention when drive during these times.

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NYE 2k18

Once again it seems like we’ve made another rotation around the sun, bringing us into a new year! What was your favorite part about 2017? Not only do we get to reminisce about the good times of 2017, but we also get to set goals for 2018! We are always hoping to improve our customer…

We’ve Got Your Back!

When speeding down the long stretch of concrete that we call I-70, keep in mind the others around you. Being a defensive driver can not only save your car, but save your money too. But, if you do happen to get in a fender-bender you can rest assured knowing that F&S Collision has your back!

Toys for Tots, Giveaways!

Do you want the chance to win a 39″ LED Smart HDTV? Do you like free beer? (Who doesn’t like any of these things?!?) Bring in one new, unwrapped toy for U.S. Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys for Tots Drive, between now and December 8th for a raffle ticket to win a 39″ Hisense Smart HDTV…

Gobble Down These Savings

During the month of November, F&S Collision Repair Center is hosting a Buddy Bags Promotion! Bring any items on the Preferred Food Donation List for a certificate to save big on a future auto repair!

Summer Road Trip? Summer-Proof your Vehicle!

Summer’s almost here! Itching to get away?  Before you hit the road, give your car a closer look. Racking up miles under higher temperatures can spell trouble if your car’s not fully prepared, and put it out of commission when you need it the most. To avoid an unexpected breakdown, take these steps to get…

Summer Road Trips!

What summer plans have you guys made? Trips to the beach? The mountains? The lake? Trips to a family in another state? Another country? Overseas? We want to know where the best places are to vacation this summer! Let us know!

Spring Break Winter Blues

We have been dreaming of summer for far too long…and now that we’ve had a taste of warmer weather, we can’t get the idea of hot & sunny days out of our mind! It looks like this weekend might be more our style, but until then, we’ll just have to deal with the snow and…

Slipping, Sliding Away!

It’s getting slick out their, folks! Watch your speed in wintry weather; you never know when a patch of road could be covered with ice! We’ve had a few customers come in today who slid across black ice. Buckle up, and drive cautiously!