Winter Weather Advisory

Weather Advisory Just a friendly reminder that the Lincoln County District DOES have a winter weather advisory! So stay safe of highways and back roads because roads will be getting slick! Expect up to 1 1/2  inches of ice! It’s good to remember to always be mindful of the roads, especially when bad weather comes…

Slipping, Sliding Away!

It’s getting slick out their, folks! Watch your speed in wintry weather; you never know when a patch of road could be covered with ice! We’ve had a few customers come in today who slid across black ice. Buckle up, and drive cautiously!

Merry Christmas, Dawg!

The Christmas holiday season is upon us! We are so thankful for our customers, and we can’t wait to celebrate with them this year! Have a safe holiday! 🙂

Chilly Weather

This week is supposed to be a chilly one! There isn’t supposed to be snow, but the temperatures will be below freezing. Be sure to bundle up if you’re going to be outside. Make sure your vehicle is equipped with blankets and coats in case your vehicle were to break down. It would be a…

Extra Safety Driving on the Slick Roads

If your child’s school is open on a day with potentially hazardous weather, be sure to give yourself extra time in the morning. It will give your child more time to either walk to the bus stop or for you to drive them to school. Be cautious while driving with ice or snow on the…


It snowed last night, isn’t is beautiful? But, don’t fear, for our parking lot is clear!