That Spring Time Feeling!

With the start of spring and the cool breeze blowing, comes the welcome of the upcoming summer. How are you starting off your spring? Let us know!

Tips for Driving in Rain

With the upcoming warm, sunny skies approaching quickly, comes the continuous rainy, dreary weather.  Here are just a few tips to continue to be safe while driving in the rain. Slow down, leave room! Don’t be in such a hurry! Arrive alive, not on time. Hydroplaning! Stay calm! Panicking will only make it worse, stay…

Spring Break on a Budget!

From road trips to cliff jumping, spring break is know for it’s extreme activities. But, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune just to enjoy a fun-filled week! Here are some ideas to how fun on a budget! Just click here! And don’t forget to share how you spent your vacation with us!…

Opening Day

Here at F&S we’re ecstatic for the opening game in STL! What’s your favorite spring/summer sport?

Weather is warming up!

After all of this freezing weather, the temperatures are supposed to start warming up toward the end of the week! Finally! There is a high of 45 degrees on Friday. Hopefully the temperatures won’t go back toward the freezing point. Winter needs to be over. Remember to drive safe and watch for slick roads!