Tips for Driving in Rain

With the upcoming warm, sunny skies approaching quickly, comes the continuous rainy, dreary weather.  Here are just a few tips to continue to be safe while driving in the rain. Slow down, leave room! Don’t be in such a hurry! Arrive alive, not on time. Hydroplaning! Stay calm! Panicking will only make it worse, stay…

Icy Temps are for Icy Tips!

With the the icy weather and winter winds, it’s almost a good idea to stay tuned for any tips and tricks you can use to save time and money. Like us on Facebook to not only save $200 on your repair, but to hear Icy Tips!

Safe Driving Tips

Here are a few tips for safe driving! Be sure to use your blinker when changing lanes to avoid an accident and to show other drivers that you are changing lanes. When merging on a highway, check to make sure there are no cars in the lane beside you before you merge. Check your rear…

Drowsy Driving

Don’t get caught sleeping at the wheel! 60% of drivers say that they are guilty of drowsy driving. Be cautious of other drivers who might be sleepy, especially since we just lost an hour to DLST!


It’s hot out today! The boys in the shop are definitely feeling it, but we’re keeping them cool with lots of water and fluids! Here’e some tips for keeping cool! – Drink lots of water – Stay cool inside – Slow down strenuous activity – Monitor those who are at risk, such as infants and…